Promotional Gift Can Be Beneficial For Your Business


Promotional Gift Can Be Beneficial For Your Business


2014 China LED Manufacturer Policy

 Shenzhen, China 's semiconductor lighting industry is the earliest and one of the fastest growing cities. According to statistics, as of 2011 , the city engaged in the semiconductor lighting technology and product development, production and sale of the business about 1500 . 2011 , Shenzhen LED Manufacturer output value of about 70 billion yuan , an increase of 25.9% ( about 35 % of the country 's LED Manufacturer output value , accounting for 50% of the total output value of Guangdong Province ) , in the industrial sectors , has formed a " chip - package - applications - equipment - materials - test " relatively complete industrial chain, downstream advantage is more obvious, is the largest LED packaging base and production base of application product development. LED packaging, display, quality LED lighting products , production and exports among the nation .

Light Up LED Application

 LED lighting products in the course of water has been the biggest problem , a fatal problem , Light Up LED lamps use of life has been largely restricted water problems. Waterproof Party Lights successfully resolved the problem longevity and stability of the LED lamps can get effective protection.

2014 LED is more challenging opportunity

 From the outside , LED industry seems to have survived the " decade studying " period , seems to have a quasi- "hand-picked champion ."

From the industry 's performance , indeed. With the decreasing cost of LED production , raising the public 's awareness of LED products , LED party lights products have the ability with the traditional lighting " confrontation" of .

" 2014 LED industry should be more opportunities for challenge ." January 17 , Funny Toys evaluated the LED industry, the next performance. Funny Toys judged more optimistic. He believes that , LED holiday lights is about to erupt.

2014 LED industry " immediately" reverse the opportunity to usher

In recent years , the global economic downturn had made LED manufacturer once fell into the winter , but since the 2013 national economies in Europe , North America, slow recovery , LED manufacturer have ushered in a wave of industry warmth . Industry generally believe that 2014 will usher in the industry downturn, new opportunities to accelerate growth.

Funny Toys Gift Provide Safe Toys For Children

 Children's custom toys: be careful to buy goods identification insufficiency

It is understood that the national commission to implement the new 3C certification ( compulsory product certification system ) rules since January 1, 2011 , requires toy products have obvious 3C certification mark. In this year's " 3.15 " period, Shanghai 's toy market is still exposed three products without rampant . When buying  funny toys , consumers should pay particular attention to the product 3C certification mark , and according to the information on the product , log CNCA 3C certification inquiry system, to identify the authenticity. In addition, consumers should try to supermarkets, stores and other regular places to buy toys , to ensure product quality and safety .
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Chinese Toy Manufacturing Future Way

Domestic open

The financial crisis, " the remaining prestige " gradually eliminated , however , labor costs increased raw material prices, RMB appreciation further compression of domestic children's toy companies meager profits , had been relying on cheap labor advantage of domestic toy companies are facing in profits Gradual while recruitment difficulties , orders problems,oem factory china.

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Novelty Stationery - A Primary School Essay

January 14 this year was my birthday . That day , my aunt and uncle came to my house and my birthday together . Aunt a door, they come up with a " Nanjixianweng " stationery sent me from the

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Custom LED Tree Lights For Holiday

 LED tree  Holiday Lights

LED tree lights, now both China and abroad as the United States , Europe, Southeast Asia and other places, has become a new trend , the festival is also used as a gift for friends and wonderful choice! It is waterproof , sunscreen , whether it is in the hall or on the outside , no problems, good special effects and elegant harmony.

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LED products : LED Display

 LED products : LED Display

LED display (LED panel): LED is a light emitting diode, light emitting diodes English abbreviations, acronyms LED. It is a semiconductor light-emitting diodes by controlling the display, which is probably the way by a number of red light-emitting diodes are usually composed by the bright lights off to show character . Display screen is used to Party Lights ,display text, graphics, images, animations , quotes, video , video signals and other information.

LED display (LEDdisplay, LED Screen): also known as electronic display screen or floating word . By LED Dot Matrix and led pc panel composed by red, blue , white, green LED light off to display text , images , animations , video, content. Can be made according to the needs of different occasions, different regulation , such as the general flow of those billboards and paintings, is produced by a flash animation , saving a memory card in the display , and then displayed by the technical approach , according to different needs change at any time , all components are part of the modular structure of the display device . Traditional LED display usually consists of a display module , control systems and power systems.


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